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The company “Aluplast” Ltd. was created in 1989th. The primary activity is manufacture, sale and installation of rolling shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, rolling insect screens, awnings, rolling doors.

Aluminum blinds for protection from rain and hail


Aluminijumske roletne kao zaštita od kiše i grada
Aluminum blinds are a modern and comfortable way to protect your glass surfaces. Compared to previous solutions, these shutters will give you better protection from various weather conditions, whether it be the sun, be it in terms of precipitation. Blinds are placed on the outside of the glass surface, be it on windows or doors, and can be mounted on all types of windows. 
These blinds is a series of aluminum fins, which are filled with polyurethane, which is an excellent insulator, and placing aluminum blinds can achieve significant energy savings. Due to its insulating properties, polyurethane provides excellent as thermal, and acoustic insulation, and of course, sun protection, and can be mounted on a smaller or larger glass area. 
Mechanism which is operated blinds can be a standard, manual - via tape and broadcast - by an electric motor that is built into the box itself. 
Using modern materials that are made of aluminum shutters, provided protection from the weather, among other things, the city, and in any case provides significantly better results compared to a previous decision, and show greater resistance and longer service life. 
Aluminum blinds have a certain security, but the practical effect, since it is easy to maintain, as you desired aesthetic effect achieved by selecting the desired, consistent colors from a wide range.