Welcome to Aluplast Ltd.

The company “Aluplast” Ltd. was created in 1989th. The primary activity is manufacture, sale and installation of rolling shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, rolling insect screens, awnings, rolling doors.

The best door for your home!


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Choose the right protection of mosquito


Choose the right protection of mosquito  ...read more

Decorative yard during winter


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How to choose wright door for garage ?


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Choose wright curtains for your space


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Tips for summer gardening


 Nice weather is the best opportunity to edit your garden or yard to measure. Everything you imagine, you can make it work, to the rest of the season enjoyed at will! Therefore, paper in hand,... ...read more

On river with Aluplast


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Aluplast na konferenciji u Kragujevcu


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Edit area on the right way


The task that everyone is easily fall decorating your own home, especially when compared with the arrangement of office space that should be confortabel to large number of people. In the arrangement of your own... ...read more

The most interesting Christmas decorations that we saw in the previous period


 Holidays are slightly behind us, the impressions are summed and return to something ustaljenijoj lifestyle. Some of the benefits of welcoming the new year and remain with us, while we still have to give up... ...read more

Traffic signs of composites - indestructible and uninteresting to thieves


 Traffic signs of composite materials have a high-quality properties, primarily durability and strength. The composite is a modern industrial material that is virtually indestructible, unless they literally destroy the explosives. Opinions many competent people say... ...read more

The best protection from the bad wheather


 Years ago, the use of blinds has been established as one of the most effective and most practical ways to protect your hardware from various weather conditions and external influences. PVC and aluminum blinds will achieve... ...read more

Safety on the road


 If you follow the traffic rules and regulations to comply with, a chance to have an accident on your way, you reduce a large percentage. Traffic signs are there for a reason, respect them, and... ...read more

Concrete foundations, application and purpose


 Concrete foundations are practical product that best follows new trends and developments, as concrete products, and construction in general. Concrete foundations are truly broad purpose, and it is primarily reflected in the setting up of... ...read more

Aluminum blinds for protection from rain and hail


Aluminum blinds are a modern and comfortable way to protect your glass surfaces. Compared to previous solutions, these shutters will give you better protection from various weather conditions, whether it be the sun, be it... ...read more

Your terrace, an oasis


She came to the summer and it is time to prepare terraces, dump all the unnecessary things that were collected during the winter and make room for new things. First of all, the... ...read more

Nagrada „Nova vizura“ za Aluplast


Firmi „Aluplast“ iz Apatina, dodeljena je prestižna nagrada „Nova vizura“ na 40. održanom međunarodnom sajmu građevine u Beogradu. Nagrada je dodeljena za izvanredan kvalitet saobraćajnih znakova od kompozitnog materijala. Za direktora „Aluplasta“, Radivoja Sekulića “Nova vizura“je... ...read more

Aluplast on Building Fair in Belgrade


 Aluplast Company will present at this year's 40th International Construction Fair ...read more

Striped curtains at business space and home


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Flower pots, blend of craftsmanship and modern technology


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Roletne, zaštita za Vaše prozore


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Komarnici kao zaštita od insekata


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Awnings - modern solution for your windows


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Roll-up doors: contemporary solution for garage


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Aluplast was on Construction Fair 2013.


On this year at Fair Construction, which was held in Belgrade from April 16-20. the company Aluplast had prominent stand because of an "old" and the new product suite including flower pots and blinds for... ...read more

Aluplast Ltd. on Furniture Fair


The company ''Aluplast'' Ltd. represents at Furniture Fair in Belgrade 2012. The main motive is to promote new products of flower pots made of polyester.  ...read more

New retail unin in Subotica


The company ''Aluplast'' Ltd. has decided to open a retail unit in Subotica. You can visit us at Karađorđeva 13th street. This is a way to ensure a better and easier cooperation with our customers. ...read more

New product - Flower pots


The company ''Aluplast'' Ltd. has started a new product line. We produce flower pots made of polyester. For more information, visit our Web site www.aluplastdoo.com. ...read more

Aluplast Ltd. on Building Fair


The company ''Aluplast" Ltd. represents at Building Fair in Belgrade 2012. It is the event where the company traditionally represents for many years.This is a great opportunity for all interested customers to become more familiar... ...read more