Welcome to Aluplast Ltd.

The company “Aluplast” Ltd. was created in 1989th. The primary activity is manufacture, sale and installation of rolling shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, rolling insect screens, awnings, rolling doors.

The best protection from the bad wheather


Najbolja zaštita od vremenskih neprilika

 Years ago, the use of blinds has been established as one of the most effective and most practical ways to protect your hardware from various weather conditions and external influences.

PVC and aluminum blinds will achieve all the desired effects for your space and can be installed on all types of windows, setup or later, the already built-in hardware.
  Made from tough PVC, these blinds, as a good insulator and barriers to outside influence, it would suit any type of carpentry.
  Aluminum blinds or slats of whose strings are of issue, in addition to the fulfillment of polyurethane which provides additional sound and thermal insulation, which will greatly affect the achievement of the desired level of lighting in the area, and the temperature, which is just as important as the summer, as well as the winter.
ZBG its insulating properties, as well as the very physical barriers, PVC and aluminum blinds to be the best way to protect your table and the space of all adverse impacts, and make it much easier environment to better suit your preferences and needs in different situations.
In terms of aesthetics, PVC and aluminum blinds can be, by colors and sizes, perfect fit with all windows and each layout object villages, and are extremely lightweight and maintenance, and because of all of its features are the most practical, but also the most effective way of organization, protection and to ensure the desired area.