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The most interesting Christmas decorations that we saw in the previous period


Najinteresantniji novogodisnji ukrasi koje smo videli u proteklom periodu

 Holidays are slightly behind us, the impressions are summed and return to something ustaljenijoj lifestyle. Some of the benefits of welcoming the new year and remain with us, while we still have to give up some. One of the things that most of us only monitored during the holidays are New Year's decorations. Each December brings with it a festive atmosphere in which it necessarily fit and decorate the space, and probably some of us already at the beginning of the month and thinking how to decorate the house, yard, Christmas tree ..

Kite and cities, streets, to a lesser extent, if greater, street lamps in various colors, trees, fir .. Therefore, most of us want that, in addition to in-house decorations, ornaments and some outside of the house to the street itself looked nicer and in order to raise a festive mood. Such was the case this year. Despite the crisis, a large number of people decorated their homes in accordance with the wishes and possibilities. If the house has small children, grandfather frost on the window, decorative lights on the house, and even decorated garden sculptures, were almost inevitable scene. The flats and houses with less space, central place to decorate are, as always, doors and windows. Decorative ribbon with bells, wreaths made, light bulbs, and other decorations for mounting on doors and windows with shutters raised through which the little ones and this year could enjoy the snow scenes. Very common, but very beautiful way of decorating and these holidays were a Christmas tree that stood at the windows of houses, instead of blinds and dressed up the environment to passers-by, as well as family members.
Some of us are really their homes decorated lavishly and magnificently, so they decorate and illuminate and almost an entire street. It is interesting that in some cities during the holidays owners of these homes were exempted from paying fees for electricity for a given period, all because they are competent to assess their so decorated homes, contributing to the festive beauty of the city, which is just another evidence that holiday spirit and festive gesture can brighten your life to themselves and others.