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The company “Aluplast” Ltd. was created in 1989th. The primary activity is manufacture, sale and installation of rolling shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, rolling insect screens, awnings, rolling doors.

Your terrace, an oasis


Vaša terasa, Vaša oaza
She came to the summer and it is time to prepare terraces, dump all the unnecessary things that were collected during the winter and make room for new things. First of all, the terrace is hard to imagine without umbrellas as pleasant holiday means that you are in the shade with a cold lemonade, surrounded by flowers.
About Whatever type of terrace that is working, umbrellas can bring the desired shelter from the sun just at the point where we need it the most, and just because due to its portability are more economical and convenient than any other shelter from the sun. Whether you have open, partly covered or still closed terrace you decorate in your own way, this may be your spot for relaxation.
If instead terraces are planning to spend time outdoors, in the garden or backyard, beach umbrellas with their stable stand in this case a good solution. Canvas umbrella is a high quality polyester with UV protection, and the construction of the coated aluminum. The design is simply placed on a stable stand for umbrellas without the need for any additional tools.
Larger or smaller, adjustable according to your needs, fits to any space and allow you to comfortably reclining in a chair under him relaxing with a favorite book or drink.
Let the eye and the atmosphere is complete - you have a terrace favorite flowers? Sprinkle ground gravel or small stones, the way it covered the stand and umbrellas that are located nearby.
In this environment, you will have your own private coffee shop or a place for afternoon tea just the way it yourself Design.